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  • ODOT Certified Driver Education
  • Permit test prep
  • Safety training
  • Training for emergency drivers
  • DMV exam prep
  • Instruction for adult drivers
  • Driver training for international students with an international drivers license.
  • DriveABLE assessments for medically at-risk drivers
  • Defensive driver classes for both fleet safety and ticket diversion.
  • National Safety Council Coaching the Mature Driver classes, which qualify for insurance discounts (compare to the AARP 55-Alive)
  • Skid control and collision avoidance courses utilizing the SKID Monster and cone course
Distracted Driving

Oregon Driver Education Center (ODEC) has been the trusted name in drivers education since 1987, providing driver and risk prevention training to both novice and professional drivers alike. All ODEC instructors are DMV certified professional trainers ready to provide both patient and thorough driver training. Companies, agencies, and individuals turn to one of Oregon's top rated driving schools for their safety and risk management needs.
For the Love of Schools

ODEC is a leader in the driver education community, training over 1,500 students a year throughout the greater Portland and Salem areas.  As an established business with over 30 instructors, ODEC is the school of choice for businesses and institutions such as Nike, Intel, Special Districts Assn. of Oregon, U of O, Pacific Power, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Jesuit High School, Catlin Gable, and Oregon Episcopal School.

In addition to a corps of highly skilled instructors, our friendly office staff is there to make certain you receive the best possible service. Our newly integrated enrollment and scheduling system will help ensure we are there when you need us.